Once Upon a Time

The best stories need a touching love theme, unforgettable characters, a fascinating plot, a fitting structure and an appealing style. As we narrate your story, we capture the best moments and weave them into an enchanting chapter of your relationship.

Saying Yes

The moment of trepidation, cold feet and anxiety turns into jubilation and ecstasy when she nods her head with tears in her eyes, and finally says yes! The proposal chapter requires meticulous planning and teamwork by close friends. The process is highly customisable and tailored to your plan, culminating with an exquisite short film. Preserve this enchanted moment for life long memories sake.

Create the Buzz

Excite your family and friends and spread the word by sharing your pre-wedding video on social media. Be it a chronicle of your love journey, a music video or simply a blend of wacky ideas, it can be a great way to kick off your wedding reception that culminates in your grand entrance.

Introduce The Leads

Think of it as an introduction of the main stars of the day. The photomontage can be a synopsis of your romantic journey, an expression of bliss during your bridal shoot or simply a thank-you message to your wonderful parents. Choose from a variety of designs and themes or have one specially customised for you.

Select Your Wedding Day Storyline

  • Same Day Edit

    Presented at the wedding reception, showcase the best of your wedding with the Same Day Edit wedding highlight. Share the joy and tears of the gate crash, tea ceremony or solemnization and make your wedding day a highly memorable occasion.

  • Post Wedding Edit

    Delivered after the wedding, the Post Wedding Day wedding highlight is a more immense feature that captures the full wedding (including your wedding reception). Relive the moments with close family or share it with friends who missed the big day. It will melt their hearts and make them smile, we promise.

  • Half-Day Coverage

    The half-day shoot (05 hours) is also suitable for couples that wish to do away with the frills and focus on key events e.g. gatecrash and tea ceremony for their wedding video.

  • Full-Day Coverage

    Leave no memory behind from your wedding day with the full-day wedding shoot (08 hours). Capture every emotions and blessings from friends and family. Whether it’s the gatecrash having guests at your new home, every segment has its highs and lows that you wouldn’t want to miss. The highlight will be showcased at the dinner reception.

  • Split-Day Coverage

    Planning to have parts of your wedding on different days? Or do you wish to create a more enchanting highlight by filming romantic footages on a separate day? The multi-day shoot (10 hours) is flexible and caters to couples planning to capture every moment of the engagement, solemnization and more. The highlight can be showcased at the lunch or dinner reception.

  • Divided in chapters

    The DVD is a compilation of your wedding journey. The wedding film documentary is enclosed in an exquisite DVD cover and case - a little something from us to celebrate your happily ever after!